Arata Baffour


Arata is a project, programme & service management (PPSM) analyst at Accenture. Arata joined the firm in December 2015 after a series of contracting roles. She now works in Accenture’s technology practice and is aligned to the communications, media and technology division.  Outside of her client-facing work, she was nominated for the ‘greater than’ awards for an ‘Outstanding Contribution to our People Programmes Award’. She is the inclusion & diversity lead for the Technology Analyst Group, and also serves as the LGBT lead for this group. She has made significant contributions to Accenture’s LGBT work whilst courageously taking a UK role raising visibility for bisexual and transgender inclusion; and is open about her relationship with a transgender partner. She has acted as an Accenture ambassador for Student Pride and is an active member of Accenture’s campus recruiting. She is active in our Accenture Christian group, and has spoken on internal panels exploring the intersection of LGBT and religion. She has also set up an adoption sub-community within our Accent on Family group, and is building that community. She is a role model profiled on our grad recruitment channels for her commitment to diversity and inclusion.