Hannah Jepson


Hannah Jepson, is the founder and director of LGBTed, and is committed to driving social change by helping organisations be more inclusive. Her passion is in supporting individuals, businesses and organisations to embrace diversity and inclusion, with a key focus on intersectionality. Starting out as a qualified occupational psychologist and rising to be a director of a leading national education charity, Hannah has successfully led and managed a range of large-scale selection, talent management and strategy projects. Most recently she developed national EDI strategies and was advisor to the organisation on EDI campaigns. Hannah founded LGBTed to drive meaningful and sustainable social change through enabling greater LGBT visibility in the education system, working with DfE to develop the LGBT education strategy. She is also a published academic author and her work on the career experiences of gay women in the UK has been featured in an international research handbook exploring diversity and careers. She is also a trustee at The Proud Trust, supporting LGBT young people in the North West.