Moud Goba

LGBTI and Human Rights Activist

Moud Goba, is a Zimbabwean lesbian and refugee residing in the UK. She is an LGBTI and human rights activist with more than 15 years’ experience in working with BME LGBTI grassroots community groups. She was one of the founding members of UK Black Pride and is currently their Director of Community Engagement. Ms Goba passionately supports LGBTI asylum seekers and refugees, especially women in immigration detention centres. She has previously worked for UK Lesbian and Gay Immigration Group. She currently works as a Project Manager for Micro Rainbow International, an organisation that addresses LGBTI poverty worldwide. At MRI, she focuses on the organisation’s safe housing project, providing accommodation to homeless LGBTI asylum seekers in the UK. In South Africa, Ms Goba supports The Fruit Basket, an organisation working with trans migrants and refugees. In 2015, Ms Goba was named one of the top 100 most influential LGBTI people in the UK by The Independent and was the recipient of the Attitude Pride Award.